Our laboratory aims at uncovering new concepts, insights, and laws behind life systems using bioinformatic approaches.

About Research

New insights into life uncovered by bioinformatics.

Technological innovations in the life science domain have enabled us to obtain and analyze massive amount of data that can unveil the underlying principles of life and its evolutionary history. While genomic data provide an overview of the history of life over hundreds of millions of years, other omic data illustrate how genomic sequences perform their functions about, for example, gene expression, regulation, and interactions. Pathway and network data represent diverse biological knowledge in a machine-understandable manner that permits large-scale computational analyses. Bioimaging and biologging data provide ways to quantitatively characterize phenotypes and behavior of organisms. Last but not least, metagenomic, ecogenomic, and environmental DNA data illustrate complex interactions between life and environments.
To understand life, it is fundamentally important to integrate and analyze these data comprehensively, not partially. In this context, utilizing deep understanding of both biology and informatics, we aim to uncover new concepts, insights, and laws behind life systems and ecosystems.



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