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Shimizu Lab.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Division of Cellular Siganling)
Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo


We are performing research on projects as follows.

1.Metabolism and functions of lipid mediators.

Besides roles of energy supply and composition of cellular membrane, hormone-like lipid mediators are produced and work as bioregulators in concert with neurotransmitters or hormones.In 1991, we cloned the receptor for platelet-activating factor (PAF) as the first successful example of lipid mediator receptors.Following this breakthrough, we isolated several key molecules in the biosynthesis, metabolism and cellular functions of various lipid mediators, which include prostaglandins, leukotrienes, PAF, and lysophosphatidic acid.Mice either lacking or overexpressing these gene have been established, and the roles of mediators are now clarified in vivo.We found that these lipid mediators are playing critical roles in the self-defense systems as well as neuronal transmission and plasticity.In collaboration with lipid biochemistry techniques of Department of Metabolome, we will find out novel lipid mediators using many orphan GPCR and nuclear receptors.


2.Mechanism of neuronal network formation using semaphorine-deficient mice.

We have generated Sema3A-deficient mice by homologous recombination, and found various abnormalities in axon guidance and formation of neuronal circuit.We are now studying the roles of Sema3A in various other systems, identification of novel semaphoring members, and their cellular functions.Especially, we are interested in the roles of lipid signaling molecules and lipoxygenase reaction on the downstream action of Sema-neuropilin-plexin axis.


3.Deorphaning of lipid GPCR and dynamic changes in lipid composition by cell stimuli

Department of Metabolome is focusing three projects: (1) deorphaning projects of GPCR using natural lipid library, (2) analyses by mass spectrometry dynamic changes of membrane composition upon cell stimuli (lipid metabolomics), and (3) establishment of database and searching engine of lipid mediators.The Department was established in2003 by donation of Shimadzu Co., Ltd, and Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Expression of the biosynthetic enzyme of lipid mediators after kainite stimulation


Professor:Takao Shimizu, M.D., Ph. D.
Associate Professor:Takehiko Yokomizo, M.D., Ph.D.
Research Associate:Satoshi Ishii, Ph.D. Masahiko Taniguchi, Ph.D. Naonori Uozumi, M.D., Ph.D.

Graduate students: doctor course 12, master course 2

Associated laboratory
Department of Metabolome
Professor:Ryo Taguchi, Ph.D.
Research Associate:Toshiaki Okuno, Ph.D.

Division of Laboratory Instrument
Research Associate:Toshie Takahashi

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