DROMPA - Peak-calling and Visualization Tool for Multiple ChIP-seq Data


DROMPA (DRaw and Observe Multiple enrichment Profiles and Annotation) is a program for user-friendly and flexible ChIP-seq pipelining. DROMPA can be used for quality check, PCRbias filtering, normalization, peak calling, visualization and other multiple analyses of ChIP-seq data. DROMPA is specially designed so that it is easy to handle, and for users without a strong bioinformatics background.

DROMPA3 released!

Testing version of DROMPA3 is available on GitHub repository.

DROMPA3 version 3.2.6, Last update: 2017-03-22

Previous version (DROMPA2) - Latest version: 2.6.4, Last update: 2015-01-06

Older version

Annotation data

DROMPA can include several kinds of genomic annotations downloaded from public database listed below.
The latest annotation data files can be downloaded from original websites.
Note: The same genome build (e.g. hg19) should be used for genome sequence and annotation data.

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