DROMPA - Peak-calling and Visualization Tool for Multiple ChIP-seq Data


DROMPA (DRaw and Observe Multiple enrichment Profiles and Annotation) is a program for user-friendly and flexible ChIP-seq pipelining. DROMPA can be used for quality check, PCRbias filtering, normalization, peak calling, visualization and other multiple analyses of ChIP-seq data. DROMPA is specially designed so that it is easy to handle, and for users without a strong bioinformatics background.

DROMPA version 3.0.0 (beta)

Now DROMPA version 3.0.0 (beta) is released in GitHub. Since this is a beta vesion, functions and bugs may be modified without notice.

Stable version

Current version: 2.6.4, Last update: 2015-01-06

DROMPA1 can be downloaded from "older version".

Annotation data

DROMPA can include several kinds of genomic annotations downloaded from public database listed below.
The latest annotation data files can be downloaded from original websites.
Note: The same genome build (e.g. hg19) should be used for genome sequence and annotation data.

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